WTS 3x Hakim's heavy scram and Gotan's heavy scram in jita

WTS Hakim’s heavy scram and Gotan’s heavy scram

Gotans scram is 10 warp scram strength, 14.25k optimal — 10b — SOLD
3x Hakims scram is 10 warp scram strength, 13.5k optimal — 5b

Located in jita

Still for sale

Buy one, get a second one 0% off

you son of a ■■■■■ im in

get your 10 point scrams! no HIC needed!

ill buy the Gotans for 9b contract to me if your interested @Bruminon

nvm offer withdrawn

3 Hakim scrams for sale, Gotan sold. 2 are on market in jita, ask if you need 3rd

12b for 3 hakims

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