WTS 4 High-grade Slave implant sets

(Midas von Isken) #1

WTS High-grade Slave set:

  • High-grade Slave Alpha
  • High-grade Slave Beta
  • High-grade Slave Delta
  • High-grade Slave Epsilon
  • High-grade Slave Gamma
  • High-grade Slave Omega

2.5 bil each set - atm I got 2 sets
pm/mail me in game - contracts only~

(Midas von Isken) #2

2 set left. You can leave your in game name here too, for a contract~

(Not 4 Sale) #3

2b for a set?

(Midas von Isken) #4

2.5, sry, it’s already a good discount

(Trade Gis) #5

4,2B for both sets?

(Not 4 Sale) #6

2.5 was above jita sell when i made my offer

(Midas von Isken) #7

@Not_4_Sale The usual price for a set at Sellers, since you want to buy, it’s 2.7-2.8b.
@Trade_Gis I am sry, 2.5 per set, got only one left. Maybe I will be able to get a few more if I can play next week

(system) #8

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