WTS 4 starter Rorqual Pilots

These were wormhole crab rorq pilots, mining skills needed, but a great start for someone looking to get some rorqual toons

  1. Samson Hilitari SOLD

  2. Rin Zatekii

3 . Amberfuce Pallatax SOLD

  1. Matsuma Zatekii SOLD

Looking for best offer, pilots could use some polishing up, but its better than starting fresh!!

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ready 7 bill for 4 Matsuma Zatekii

offering 4.5b from Samson Hilitari

8 bill for Matsuma Zatekii

9B for Rin zatekii

7b amberfuce pallatax

6b for Samson Hilitari

@Casper_Delta Offer Accepted 8b Mail ingame please

@xylith_Amatin Offer Accepted 9b mail ingame please

@Royal_Highness_Phoenix Offer Accepted 7b Mail in game please

@Waterproof_KJH offer accepted mail Ingame please

isk and account info sent

7b Isk sent and pls transfer to this account

I sent 6bil
and account info

When you can finish the transfer ?

character received.

Flay Safe 0/

i need account name lad send to Adam Zatekii @Royal_Highness_Phoenix

Rin Zatekii still for sale, as a Starter rorq or Nag pilot

Sent in mail

Character received