WTS 41m SP Focused Artillery Loki/Sabre/Stiletto/Jaguar/Hyena pilot (Max skills) Minmatar God

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Riot_Storm password: 1234
Wallet positive.
No killrights.
Has a set of +4s with some turret implants in perimeter, located there currently.

  • Has completely maxed out shield skills
  • Has completely maxed out armor skills
  • Has all relevant rigging skills to IV
  • All relevant cloning skills to IV (Also includes cybernetics)
  • Has completely maxed out engineering skills (except resistance phasing, which is at IV)
  • Has completely maxed out all gunnery support skills
  • Medium Projectile Turret to V, Medium Artillery and AC spec to IV
  • All minmatar subsystem skills are maxed
  • All relevant electronic system skills to IV (except frequency modulation)
  • All sub-cap navigation skills have been maxed out (Cynosural field theory IV)
  • All relevant rigging skills to IV
  • Electronic Attack Ships V
  • Interceptors V
  • Interdictors V
  • Target Management, Signature Analysis and Long Range Targeting V (all sensor comp skills IV)
  • Gallente and Minmatar Carrier skillbooks injected

And to top it all off, it has a sick name.

Transfer will be paid for by PLEX.
Starting at 40b. B/O 45B.
I am not in a hurry to sell this character, bids below the starting number will be considered free bumps.

Edit: Added skillbooks.
Edit 2: B/O reduced to 45b.

Confirmed for sale.

41 b…

Are you bidding 41b?


Alright, thank you, your bid has been noted.

I’d take 45b if you want to buy the character out right now.

Your offer has been accepted, please send isk and account name to Riot Storm so that I can start the transfer.

Ok, just transfer isk and sent the account name

Isk recieved, making transfer ticket now.

Ticket has been made.

The character has been transferred.

Confirmed, I have received the character. Thanks

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