WTS 43m SP Hecate, Vargur, Proteus

Located Highsec
Zero isk balance
I will pay transfer
Positive sec status
In NPC Corp
Start 32 b
B/O 40

30 B offer. ISK ready

31B offer. isk redy

I would be very intrested in Sol United.

Has this transaction been concluded if not I will match the 31Bil.

still on sale, but what’s the point of selling to you and denying someone else if the price doesn’t change? offer more, then we’ll talk

Can we agree on 31.5 bil ?

yes if you want me to be

should it be 32bil?

32 ok send isk and info

Isk sent and account info sent

transfer starting

Thank you awating it’s arrival!

Received thank you

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