WTS 44m SP Amarr/Triglavian

Amarr Empire lvl 5 ship-skills:
-Frigate: Interceptor/Assault/Covert
-Destroyer: Command
-Cruiser: Recon(soon to 5)/Heavy Assault/Logistics
-Battleship: Marauder

And Triglavian Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser!
Jump Drive Calibration lvl 5! Amarr JF and more:

check this skillboard!!

If you like her, just quoted me a price you care about! :laughing:

25b i offer

Thank you, but this is not the price I want. Sorry :disappointed_relieved:

buy out price is hide ļ¼Ÿ

Yes, Iā€™m waiting for a good price
Early bidding will make me passive, and everyone will make me die slowly

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