WTS- 44m sp Thanatos,Phenix,Tenga.Widow,T2


Password? As well as all the other required info?

1111 . what other information is needed?

That password doesn’t work. :expressionless:

And you might want to read the RULES at the top of the Character Bazaar to learn which information is needed…


Verification Code: QCA7EaC6SFX15sLRwasJYELVV3oDVcUVQRDhfvQSJcbvFmHT5aur5MoPkbN258DS

You also need to be in an NPC Corporation…

is this still for sale?

how much?

I give ya 20bil

25b isk ready

so many spread out skills on this character I would have to extract everything

26b isk rdy


38 bil

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