WTS 44m SP

No longer Needed…

Postive wallet, sec status, sitting in HS

L4 mission with Amarr.
Only -0.3 with Angel and -1.8 with Guristas, Easily able to join them for FW next week.
Threshold for joining is -2.0.

25 days to Golem
38 days to Paladin
9 days to Onyx
Solid Tengu Pilot

JDO/JFC/JDC injected
Advanced Space Command/Capital Ships/Amarr Dread injected

Full set of Mid-grade Crystals

Lance Dropper Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Starting bid: 35B

30 B offer

35B here

40B offer


42B offer

43b offer

45b offer

46 i guess

I will be online at 9pm Eve time will start transfer then

I will send you a mail in a minute with the details

nice 12b profit in 2 weeks, good job

Transferring to *************

Will be completed after 12/4/2023 6:41:22 AM