WTS 47.78M SP All-Rounder / Gallente and Tengu focused

  • Positive wallet
  • 1.39 sec status
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Jita
  • Has +4 implants for all but Charisma and 705 Evasive implant.
  • Has level 4 mastery in almost all Gallente ships below Capital, Caldari below battleship, and Minmatar below Cruiser (Only needs some gunnery and targeting skills for bigger ship mastery in Caldari and Minmatar.)
  • Has near perfect Tengu and missile skills
  • Great for ratting
  • Great scanning and salvaging skills


35B Starting Bid
50B B/O


34b offered

35b is starting bid.

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

36B offered

Bid accepted. Will end in 24-48 hours if no further bids are placed.

Hello, your bid has been accepted. You can send the isk whenever you’re ready.

Have not received isk from Lothric One.

Auction still open.

35 bil b/o if this is still open

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