WTS 47 Mil Precursor PvP specialist with good drone skills

Selling Pa Zuzu, a very young injected pilot.


Character has only been in 1 corporation.

Some highlights:

Security Status 0.04

  • Heavy Drone Operation V

  • Large Hybrid Turret V

  • Large Precursor Weapon V

  • Medium Energy Turret V

  • Medium Hybrid Turret V

  • Medium Precursor Weapon V

  • Medium Projectile Turret V

  • Heavy Assault Missile V

  • Heavy Assault Cruisers V

  • Logistics Cruisers V

  • Minmatar Cruiser V

  • Precursor Battleship V

  • Precursor Cruiser V

  • Precursor Destroyer V

Buyout set at 40 Bil

Offer 32b

33 bil offer

34b offer isk ready

I’ll raise my offer to 36b

Kaylee Jeets’ offer accepted, please send the isk and information, and I will start the transfer!

Isk and info sent

Transfer initiated, enjoy!

Character received, thank you!

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