WTS 5.1m SP Starter

Skills into med drones and gila (for abyss)
Located in Jita
Clean corp history
0 Sec Status
Pos wallet.

I offer 4.5bil

anyone ?

retract offer as no response

3b here

If seller is around I bid 3,5

accepted, pls send isk and acc details and i will start

u here?

yes here now

info sent plz confirm

confirmed, starting transfer now.

Hi it says the target user is not active, can you check?

Will you please try again? Because the account is active

Sent you an eve mail… I had made a mistake… I apologize


Did you see my mail regarding my writing mistake ? Please confirm you Saw the correction?
Kind regards blue
And once more apologies for the mis- writing

Hi, just woke up. I’ll try again now

IT works, transfer started.

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Thank you :wink: nice doing business with you

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