WTS 5.27 Million SP Character With Cybernetics 5 and +5 Implants

(Adnot D'Legion) #1


  • positive wallet
  • no kill rights
  • .2 security status
  • no jump clones
  • current clone (Located in Perimeter IChooseYou Trade Hub):
    Slot 1: Ocular Filter - Improved
    Slot 2: Memory Augmentation - Standard
    Slot 3: Neural Boost - Improved
    Slot 4: Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard
    Slot 5: Social Adaptation Chip - Standard
    Yearly Remap is available
    I pay the transfer fee as stated by CCP

B/O: 5.5 Billion ISK

(Pedantic) #2

I will offer you 4.3b b/o

(Ria Denas) #3

5.2 buy out

(Adnot D'Legion) #4

5.2 Billion ISK buyout accepted please send ISK and account details

(Ria Denas) #5

will do , just re-activiting old account, gimme 5 mins to send over iskies :slight_smile: and account details

(Ria Denas) #6

isk and account name sent


(Adnot D'Legion) #7

logging in to confirm 1 sec I will post when the transfer has been initiated

(Adnot D'Legion) #8


We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Adnot D’Legion

Will be completed after: 9/8/2018 1:03:06 AM

If you did not initiate this character transfer, please file a ticket to Customer Support.

You should have notification from CCP that the transfer has been initiated.
Thank You

(Ria Denas) #9

confirmation mail received…thanks… Ria

(system) #10

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