WTS 5.539 Million SP Character

Evil doer pirate in training for sale
Name taken from Mad Cow Disease
5.539 m SP w/ 87000 unallocated

Magic 14 focused
Positive wallet
No kill rights
No Bounties
0.0 Security status
Member of an NPC Corporation
Currently in the forge area but can relocate for you.

4.5 B ISK

Thank you


offer 4b


4.5 B offer

4.6B quotation

Sorry for the late reply - started a new job a few weeks ago,

I am around all day today but away over the weekend if you still want this.

Thank you

As we agreed in our email exchange I am still up for buying for 4.5B.
Please confirm here that you accept my offer and let me know to what character to transfer the funds.


Ok sounds good. Now you send the 4.5B ISK to this character and once I receive it I will transfer the character to your account. What account is it being transferred to?

2023.11.04 20:14 -4,500,000,000 ISK Gandalf777 deposited cash into Kreutzfeldt Jakob’s account

My account info sent in private message.


Funds received. I have paid for the character transfer - I believe it can take 24 hours but usually happens in a few hours.

Thank you!

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