WTS 5.5m very good starter character

WTS pilot named Billy Duck
Location - hisec
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Bonus Remap Available

3 Jump Clones

  1. Active
    Ocular Filter - Improved
    Memory Augmentation - Improved
    Neural Boost - Improved
    Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved
    Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Power Grid Management EG-603
    Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ Evasive Maneuvering EM-703
    Eifyr and Co. ‘Gunslinger’ Surgical Strike SS-903

  2. Shield / HAML
    Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Power Grid Management EG-604
    Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Rapid Launch RL-1003
    Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Target Navigation Prediction TN-903
    Mid-grade Crystal Alpha
    Mid-grade Crystal Beta
    Mid-grade Crystal Delta
    Mid-grade Crystal Epsilon
    Mid-grade Crystal Gamma
    Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Guided Missile Precision GP-803
    Zainou ‘Snapshot’ Heavy Assault Missiles AM-703

  3. Armor
    Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1
    Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2
    Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1003
    Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Repair Systems RS-603
    Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Repair Proficiency RP-905
    Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link
    Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3
    Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4
    Low-grade Asklepian Epsilon

All subcap learning’s included. :slight_smile:

All rules CCP.
I pay transfer.

start bid 5 bil.


daily bump!


bump again

hello there!

Daily bump

5.5 bill if we can do it really fast :wink:

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