WTS 5 mil + SP leadership toon

(Achilles Myrmidon) #1

Hello i am for sale
sorry on the repost guys previous thread was closed forgot to move this toon to a neutral corp

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Achilles_Myrmidon 8

strong leadership skills
SP farm setup with 2 +5 Implants

7 Bil B’O

All CCP rules apply

(Misaka Rin Peter) #2

5.5bil for ur implants

(Achilles Myrmidon) #3

5.5 bil b/o accepted please send isk and account info for transfer

(Misaka Rin Peter) #4

mail sent, will do the rest chars soon.

(Achilles Myrmidon) #5

isk recieved and transfer has started, thank you

(system) #6

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