WTS 50 Mil SP Subcap pilot

Skills here: Janus Symbacorts Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Amarr and Minmatar focussed.
Assault Cruisers (including Trig - Nergal) / Heavy Assault Cruisers / Recon ships (cyno trained) /
T3 cruisers/ Covert Ops / Stealth Bombers.
Exhumers / Orca / industrial / T2 transports.

In Highsec.
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
5.0 Sec standing.
3 clones in Highsec.
2 remaps available.
+4 attribute implants (except for Charisma).
Born 2018

B/O 30 Billion

EDIT: Dropped B/O to 30 Bil (40 might have been a tad excessive!)

Sold. Now closed

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