WTS 51 Nyx toon

  • No kill rights
  • Character in NPC corporation
  • Positive wallet
  • Security Status: 3.80
  • Character in Itamo IV - Moon 1 - Perkone Factory
  • Jump clones: XX9-WV VII - Moon 3 - Salvation Angels Trading Post
    Start 45 bil


ok ready?

OK,Preparation completed

send isk and info

isk and account sent.

transfer completed

Looking forward to the completion of the handover


Please resolve it, thank you!

Isd cant do anything. Is your account omega or alpha that nordisk was transferred to? If its an alpha account, then after DT nordisk should be an alpha clone again.

Now, alphas are limited to 20 mil SP. So the only skills you would be able to train are alpha skills only if those are still not fully trained. But the alpha injectors will not work until nordisk is an alpha

Has happen to pilot I received also. Logged in after 5-7 hours and Omega was active again.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras @SralOben thank you!

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