WTS 51M SP Galante PvP Pilot

Older player returning, born 2014
51Mil SP - Mostly PvP orientated, focus on Galante Ships/Skills
No skill under lvl 4 - Several untrained, have a look
Whopping total of 2 Amarr Shuttle Skins
0.0 Sec Status
2 Remaps, available now
No Implants
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Jita 4-4 Home
NPC Corp
Ask for more info

Start bid at 35B

37 Bi

If no one else bids for the next 2 hours (23:30 GMT+1), yours for 37bil

Fire over isk and account details

ISK and mail sent. :smiley:

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Transfer started, please confirm on arrival


Received o7