WTS 53.4m SP specialist invention/manufacture/reactions

Bitches McNoodles (best name in EVE!) is a one-man industry mogul.

  • 9k SP unallocated
  • Positive Wallet
  • 0.1 Sec status
  • No kill Rights
  • In Jita

40b buyout for quick sale (no desperate, but want to move on with life after CCP)

25 b offer


25b is less than half the value of the toon. No thanks.



31b offer

sold to @FOREVER_Aimee

send the ISK, eve-mail me the name of the destination account, and i’ll initiate the transfer immediately upon receipt.

which role should I send ISK? @Bitches_McNoodles

ISK sent

Transfer initatied. Enjoy, and have fun!


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