WTS 56M SP Focus on the super carrier characters,Nyx/Hel/Aeon

Perfectly focused Aeon/Nyx/Hel pilot, perfect for a toon that can be a sitter/coffin pilot

High grade Nirvana is in Piermet
In Highsec.
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
4.0 Sec standing.

It has 85 skins:
Hel Interstellar Convergence SKIN
Ultraviolence Vortex AEON
Firewall Breach HEL
Caille Neon NYX

Start bid 42B

Buyout : 51B

42 Bill as disused online eve game.

I have to get to work,Wait for highest quotation within 24 hours

boom,I’m going to bed and accept the highest offer in 12 hours

Am I the only one who didn’t find the skillboard link?

Forgot to put skills link, has been fixed

WhitBoyRick, accept quotation, please send ISK and email

isk and tranfer info sent

role transfer has been initiated

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