WTS 56m sp minmatar


taking a break from the game, no idea if coming back :slight_smile:

So selling myself:

Space Frog

Good standings, can use rorq, can use niddy/thanny, one neural remap, no neg hits in hi sec.

Price: 50b

Theres some loot all over EVE on char so what you find is yours to keep.


47 bil

thanks for the posts, anything over 50b will be considered as an offer, all other posts are free bumps :slight_smile:

daily bump

47.5B 。

49b isk ready now

daily bump

daily bump, price lowered to 50b

47b, offer valid for 1 hour

thanks for the offers, but no.

1st one to offer 50b, gets the char. Otherwise, will go into hibernation. And dont send me offers ingame, I log in maybe once a week…

Alright, close enough, if you are ready pls send the isk and account details and Ill start transfer


49b still interested

Abdul Khema, accepted as current best offer.

In 24 hours if no other offers come in, you can buy the char…

no response from buyer, char still for sale


47.5 bil


Deal agreed in game.

ISK and account name sent in game.


am at work, so once I get home, I will initiate transfer if all is good.