WTS 58m sp 2005 pilot for sale

58.8M pilot


  • No kill rights
  • Character in NPC corporation
  • Positive wallet
  • Security Status: 1.6
  • Character in Lustrevik
  • Jump clones:
    full standard set - Jita
    mid grade crystal set + others - Lisudah
    High grade esklep + others - Ogoten
    High Grade crystal set + others current clone

looking for reasonable offer for quick sale

can u make one ?

updated with link

Accept the 50b offer?

51 bill offer ?

52b offer

yes i would accept 52b

53bill offer ?

both give me best offers i dont want a bidding war want to be fair, i can do the xfer immediately

ISK and account name sent to

55 bil.

55b from Shadow, final offer BGgugu?


56 bil

just saw ou sent me isk BG send the other 3,5b and ill start xfer, i apologize i didnt notice you sent it already,

tell you what 58bil 1mill per 1bil.

Yes, because I saw you accepted the price, so I have sent it.

Now I have to pay you 3.5 billion, right?

yes, then io will xfer

Ok, please wait five minutes