⭐ WTS 5M SP farm / PVP starter characters (Current Stock: 88)

(Beer Rocket) #204

Isk for all 10 sent to Golden CEO along with in game mail listing accounts for each transfer.

(EcicIdol) #205

I will take one. I do not care which one. Just let me know which one I have reserved and I will send the isk.

(Golden CEO) #206

ISK+Info recieved, ticket made, chars should be with you soon!

Give me a shout once you’re ready for more :slight_smile:

(Golden CEO) #207

Hogs Legion38 Is reserved for you :slight_smile:

Please send ISK and a mail with the acc info of where you’d like him transferred to either to “Hogs Legion30” or “Golden CEO”

(EcicIdol) #208

isk and mail sent.

(Golden CEO) #209

isk + info recieved, ticket made. Should be with you soon.

Thanks! And happy new year :slight_smile:

(EcicIdol) #210

24+ hours and still no sign of a transfer. Can you give me a status update?

(Golden CEO) #212

Sorry for the delay, still waiting for an update on the transfer ticket. I’m guessing the GM that it was assigned to is perhaps not available at the moment so I’ve created a new ticket (ID: 842095 if any GM is reading this).

Hopefully should be with you soon.

(Setsuna W) #213

i want to buy a character with more drone sp so that i could fly a VNI, do you have such a character? hope your reply sincerely!

(EcicIdol) #214

Status? It has been 3 days.

(Golden CEO) #215

So far, I have no idea, i’m really sorry about this delay.

I’ve got two tickets open now. Last activity on both of them was 14 hours ago, though it doesn’t say what that activity was.

If a GM/ISD reads this PLEASE could someone take a look at tickets 818797 and 842095, this is taking a silly amount of time now.

I guess i’ll halt further sales until this gets resolved cause this is taking far too long

(EcicIdol) #216

Are you trying to do multiple character transfers with a single ticket? Shouldn’t you do one character per ticket? We are on day 4 or 5 now.

(Golden CEO) #217

Character transfer is now complete!

Sorry again for the delay.
Apparently they are having a very heavy support ticket influx atm.

Hope you enjoy the char!

(Golden CEO) #218

I don’t have any characters that fit that unfortunately. All of my chars are training on the same or very similar skill plan. I can however do batches of characters made to your request. But this is only for batches of 25 or more and will of course take some time to get them ready

(EcicIdol) #219

Got it. Ty sir!!!

(Beer Rocket) #220

All 10 toons received! thank you very much. Process did take longer than usual, but you were in touch frequently about the process. Will buy again once I bank up some isk.

(Golden CEO) #221

No problem :slight_smile:

Again, sorry that took longer than expected, but I try my best to keep my buyers happy and in the loop!

Give me a hoot once you need more chars.

(Golden CEO) #222

50 more characters have been added to stock.

100 more are available, but not posted yet. Will post them if stock runs low or if someone needs very high quantities

And of course more cooking in the oven :slight_smile:

(Golden CEO) #224


(ZerbiB) #225

Do you have any charact indus / science focus ?