⭐ WTS 5M SP farm / PVP starter characters (Current Stock: 88)

(Golden CEO) #226

Sorry, all characters I have follow the same or a very similar skill plan as all the others.

I can do custom batches of characters of 25 or more, which can be mapped and trained into whatever trees/plans you like. however it would of course take some time to get them ready.

(Golden CEO) #227


(Golden CEO) #228

Character sheets have been updated!

Apparently ESI doesn’t update SP count if you don’t log the char in for a while. So i’ve logged all of them in and refreshed the eveskillboard pages.

Characters should all now be displaying their correct SP counts.
Most of batch 1 is at 4.999 or 4.998m SP :slight_smile:

(Golden CEO) #229

Price reduced!!
characters are now 4b each :slight_smile:

(Golden CEO) #230


(Brock Khans) #231

This is true. Despite the game knowing you have finished training skills, its doesn’t recalculate the total SP for you until you log in and its confirmed. I get this complaint a lot for eveskillboard of why the SP is wrong when I’m just showing what the API tells me.

(Golden CEO) #232

Seems a strange oddity of ESI.
Hopefully it gets fixed/changed at somepoint!

(Amarr Citizen 617238941) #233

i will take 4 with Cybernetics 3

(GoldHog Itovuo) #234

Confirming I’m for sale

(GoldHog Yotosala) #235

Confirming I’m for sale

(GoldHog Ahishatsu) #236

Confirming I’m for sale

(GoldHog Airuta) #237

Confirming I’m for sale

(Golden CEO) #238

I’ve confirmed 4 chars above
Skillsheets here (all have Cybernetics 3):


Please send either 4b isk to each character and a mail with the acc name you want them transferred to, or all isk and one mail to “Golden CEO”


(Golden CEO) #239


(Golden CEO) #242

Do you still want the characters?
Give me a shout if you do

(Amarr Citizen 617238941) #243

I do just waiting to stuff to sell

(Golden CEO) #244

Ah ok no worries :slight_smile:
Just let me know when you’re ready

(Golden CEO) #245


(Golden CEO) #246


(Golden CEO) #247