⭐ WTS 5M SP farm / PVP starter characters (Current Stock: 88)

(Golden CEO) #248


(TempestofChaos) #249

I’ll take
@4b per.

(Nex Ostus) #250

I’ll take https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hogs_Legion88.

(Hogs Legion51) #251

Confirming I am for sale

(Hogs Legion52) #252

Confirming I am for sale

(Hogs Legion53) #253

Confirming I’m for sale

(Hogs Legion54) #254

Confirming I’m for sale

(Hogs Legion56) #255

I’m ready to be sold

(Hogs Legion57) #256

I’m confirming I’m for sale

(Hogs Legion88) #257

Confirming I am available for sale

(Golden CEO) #258

Characters confirmed above.

Please send either 4b isk and a mail to each character, or 24b total and a mail to ‘Golden CEO’


(Golden CEO) #259

Character is confirmed above.

Please send 4b isk and a mail either to the character, or to ‘Golden CEO’


(Nex Ostus) #260

ISK and mail sent to the character.

(Golden CEO) #261

Recieved! Ticket made, char should be with you soon. Enjoy!

(TempestofChaos) #262

Isk and mail to Golden Ceo sent. Pleasure doing business.

(TempestofChaos) #263

Isk and mail sent to Golden CEO.

(Golden CEO) #264

Recieved and ticket made, GM should transfer the chars to you soon.

Give me a shout if you’d like more! :slight_smile:

(jfufn Tokila) #265

I 'd like to buy some pilot miners. Do you have such a pilot?

(Golden CEO) #266

Sorry I don’t.
All my characters are trained in gunnery/missile skills

I am currently making some drone focused ones so that people who want to rat etc can use them.
But it’s unlikely I’ll have any industry focused ones.

However, I can make batches of 20 or more characters trained however you like. If this is something you’d be interested in send me a mail in game

(Golden CEO) #267

Just got a response to the ticket. Characters have all been transferred. Enjoy!