⭐ WTS 5M SP farm / PVP starter characters (Current Stock: 88)

(Golden CEO) #21

Yeah they are being transferred using plex.

I’ve made a support ticket (an ISD can confirm that I think) so hopefully ccp should transfer them all ASAP.

Likely just lots of tickets from the server outage yesterday causing a bit longer wait

(Pheonix Culderra) #22

yep no worries, just wanted to make sure :stuck_out_tongue:

(Golden CEO) #23

A GM has just transferred the characters to you.
I forgot to move 1000 PLEX from assets to the PLEX vault on one character (Hogs Legion19) but have done that and replied to the ticket so that should be with you today. Sorry about that!

Let me know if you need any more characters!

(Pheonix Culderra) #24

thank you. all are there except 19 as you said. :+1:

(Golden CEO) #25

All characters now transferred to you :slight_smile:

And bump! Still plenty of chars for sale!

(Golden CEO) #26

Daily bump!

(Golden CEO) #27


(TempestofChaos) #28

I’ll purchase 3.
Hogs_legion26-28. @ 4.25b per

(Hogs Legion28) #29

confirming i’m for sale

(Hogs Legion27) #30

confirming i’m for sale

(Hogs Legion26) #31

confirming i’m for sale

(Golden CEO) #32

Characters have confirmed they are for sale here.

Please send isk and a mail to each character and ill get them on their way to you!

Thanks :slight_smile:

(TempestofChaos) #33

Mail and money sent.

The money was on an alt of mine named TempestofChaos FRAC.

An accident on my part. Will reply here to confirm.

(TempestofChaos FRAC) #34

Confirmed, screwed up the payment on other pilot.

(Golden CEO) #35


Payment recieved, and support ticket made to transfer the chars to you.
Should be with you shortly! Enjoy!

(Golden CEO) #36

Daily bump!

(TempestofChaos) #37

Thank you. First time doing this, expect 1-3 days?

(Golden CEO) #38

normally its <24h, though its just after a weekend so might be 48hrs

(Risien Drogonne) #39

These would sell better if one of the skills you trained was Cybernetic 5.

(Golden CEO) #40

All characters have now been transferred to you by a gm :slight_smile: