⭐ WTS 5M SP farm / PVP starter characters (Current Stock: 88)

(Golden CEO) #142


(Golden CEO) #143


(Golden CEO) #144


(Misaka Rin Peter) #145

U got any char thats trained for cap build? Will get 5 rn if u do. Considering getting more.

(Golden CEO) #146

All of my characters are made for sp farming and have almost identical skill sets. Mostly this is in basic combat and weapons skills so that they could be used for that too if needed. I don’t have any with industry based skillets. Sorry :frowning:

(Misaka Rin Peter) #147

I see, so the char listed above in the first thread are all avaliable?

(Golden CEO) #148

Yes, all the characters listed in the first post are available, and I have a few hundred more that are ready too (just havent taken the time to list them all yet, will do it once the current list is almost gone)

So I can supply basically as many characters as you need :slight_smile:

(Misaka Rin Peter) #149

mail sent

(Golden CEO) #150

Isk and account info recieved ingame, ticket made, chars should be with you shortly. Thanks!
Let me know when you’re ready for more!

(Golden CEO) #151

Characters have been transferred to you successfully.
Enjoy! And let me know if you need more :slight_smile:

(Golden CEO) #152


(Golden CEO) #153


(Golden CEO) #154


(Golden CEO) #155


(Misaka Rin Peter) #156

Hey dude, time for next batch, mail sent

(Golden CEO) #157

Got it! Ticket made, should be with you soon :slight_smile:
Hogs Legion 31-37 Gone

(Golden CEO) #158

Character transfer completed. Enjoy!

Aaaaand Bump!

(Sir Barb Dwyer) #159

I’d like to get one char for the 4.25B you listed.

(Golden CEO) #161

No prob! Which one would you like?

(Sir Barb Dwyer) #162

Any they all appear to have the same skill sets like you said and the names dont exactly make one stand out over the other :slight_smile: