⭐ WTS 5M SP farm / PVP starter characters (Current Stock: 88)

(Miki Toki) #163

I’d like to get 1 char for 4.25B. Anyone is fine.

(Miki Toki) #164

Actually i want to take legion71 if it is available, mail sent.

(Sir Barb Dwyer) #165

Sorry This is my first time. whats the process? do i send an ingame mail to your char Golden CEO or to the char id like to purchase ?

(Golden CEO) #166

Heya, I’ll make a post with the char you’re buying to confirm ownership, then you send a mail to that character with the name of the account you’d like it transferred to, and send the 4.25b to that char too

Once thats done, I’ll get support to transfer the char to you

EDIT: Character “Hogs Legion55” confirmed below, please send the 4.25b and a mail with the account name you’d like it transferred to to that character.

(Hogs Legion71) #167

Confirming Im for sale

(Hogs Legion55) #168

Confirming I’m for sale

(Golden CEO) #169

Yep its available!

Confirmed below. please send ISK and a mail to that character with the acc you’d like it transferred to.

(Miki Toki) #170

Mail and ISK sent.

(Golden CEO) #171

Recieved, ticket made so should be with you soon.

May take a bit longer than usual though as I’m assuming CCP Support staff won’t be working on christmas.

Will post again once I get confirmation the char has been moved.

Enjoy, and merry christmas!

(Sir Barb Dwyer) #172

Thanks for the information. Mail and ISK sent. hope your having a great christmas.

(Miki Toki) #173

Char received, merry Xmas

(Golden CEO) #174

Recieved! Ticket made, should be with you soon!
Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

(Sir Barb Dwyer) #175

Char received thank you for your prompt service and i hope to do business with you again.

(Golden CEO) #176

No prob! Let me know if you need more!

(6aHKuP) #177

I need 6 chars. What about 3,9Mil per character? 23,4 Bil total

(Golden CEO) #178

Sorry, price is 4b for orders over 5 chars.

If you’re buying 20 or more price can be negotiated further but other than that I’d like to keep the prices fixed

(Lily Collins Collins) #179

Golden CEO, sir.
I’ve seen you replied to every single one of your customer with enthusiasm. That’s very kind of you and also very exceptional. May I ask you a question please?
So you see, the rules for transferring a character is that the character must be in omega state. So before the transfer happened, if the character which is about to be transferred is in alpha state, then you should upgrade it to omega state, then you should either pay 15 dollars or 500 PLEX, then you also use 1000PLEX to pay for the transfer. So here is my question, if the total Plex you used for each character is 1500 plex and you charge each of your character is 42.5 billion, then how could you possibly make profit of them?
Would you like to answer this question for me, sir? I’d really appreciate it.

(Golden CEO) #180

I’m not willing to go into detail about my methods, how I make profit, or how much profit I make for that matter.
But I am adhering 100% to all character bazaar rules, I don’t think more than that needs to be said.

All I will say is that I’m suffering from chronic spreadsheet management syndrome in doing this.

Once I either make enough isk and stop doing this, get too frustrated with it and stop, or stop playing the game, Or move onto some other isk making path entirely, then i’ll explain exactly how it all works.

(Lily Collins Collins) #181

Sure. It’s your own business secret. How could you tell your business secret to easily to someone else you don’t even know.
Thanks anyway~

(John Akidagi) #182

a character doesn’t need to be omega to transfer, so he only uses 1000 plex which still nets him a bit of profit