WTS 5m SP Matar toon


Good all-round starter toon.

4.8m SP, plus 260k unallocated SP (5m SP total)
Located in Jita
Neutral standings
Positive ISK balance
Boat load of BPC, containers, etc.
No imps or JC
Only ever been in NPC corp
Awesome toon name! :smiley:

5b buyout

I can offer 2B

Thanks for your starting bid, youโ€™re the current winner!

I shall wait another 24 hours to see whether there are any more bids. If not, all yours.


Please evemail Chumba Wumbaa the destination account name, and once I have received the 2b ISK I will initate the character transfer.

Thank you, have fun, and fly safe!

Isk and account info sent.