WTS 5m SP Skillfarm

(StrikerMiner ksv) #1

1 remaps available.
Positive security status & wallet, no killrights.
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/StrikerMiner_ksv Pass: 1234
Int/Memory with Improved (+5) implants in those two slots.
Character located in high sec NPC station just outside Jita.
All CCP rules apply.
4b start bid

(Winston Onzo) #2

you need to disclose wallet, killrights, any Jump clones, and their locations, and the location of the character.

(StrikerMiner ksv) #3

B u m p!!!

(Kek Player) #4

3b b/o

(Gjinn) #5

3.25b isk ready

(system) #6

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