WTS 5MN Monster with all the right stats ๐Ÿš€

For you dogfighters out there, I have a top end 5MN microwarpdrive for sale.


564.3% speed. that ranks among the fastest 5mnโ€™s out there.
Meanwhile, the sig radius penalty has been reduced by a whopping 91%.
Activation cost has been reduced a wee bit, always welcome on the smaller menaces among us.

Core based, with a minor smudge on CPU and, more importantly, green PG.

This is truly a high end roll and deserves a high end home.

Post your bids in this thread or mail me in game.
Reserve hidden.

No rush to sell.

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Up and away we go :rocket:

up we go :rocket:

we go :rocket:

eg :rocket:


eg :rocket:

Whatโ€™s your start price?

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