WTS 5x ARK 8,5Band 2x Anshar 8,5B jita 4-4

WTS 5x ARK 8,5B and 2x Anshar 8,5B jita 4-4

Only by direct contract, no trades and shizzle

send me an eve-mail when interested

Take all 7.8bil each

lol…mmmmm pass

In JITA 4-4 buyorder prices are 8,3…


If you still got I’d like one anshar.

Contract up to you

I’ll take the last Anshar, or both if the above offer falls through.

8.3 for an ark?

il buy two if 8.3

and all if 8.1

8,5B i am not open to offers, price is fixed.



Sold please delete

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