WTS 6.19m Mining Drone starter


  • 1 remap available
  • positive sec
  • positive wallet
  • located in Perimeter

+5 perc/wilp (specced for perc/wilp)

Drone interfacing V
Mining Drone V
Capital Ships IV
250k unallocated SP

Has all the books for a rorq, just needs them trained back up

Plex transfer will be used

B/O: 6b

3 bil

4 bil

5B b/o

5.5b b/o

6B b/o good to go now

I’m the owner of romullis as well. Are you good to buy both ?

Yeah, good for both

Great. As I said on his thread I’ll be home later and can submit the ticket when I get home. Send isk to the respective characters

ISK transferred and account details sent.

Please transfer when possible (this is going to a different account that Romullis)

both recieved, ticket submitted http://prntscr.com/ke41ni

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