WTS 6.5m SP Exhumer pilot(183k sp Unallocated)


Cybernetics 5
Drones 5
Light Drone Operation 5
Medium Drone Operation 5
Ice Harvesting 5
Reprocessing 5
Exhumers 4

Neural remap available, 2 bonus remaps available, positive sec status, positive wallet, no killrights. Character has left player corp as of 23:31 ET 02.09.20.

Selling 4 other mining toons with similar skills. It appears i can’t post more than 1 link. Each toon is posted with identical title all under first name “Lazair”.

B/O: 4.75b

to the top

4b offer.

4.75b bo.

4.75b B/O offer accepted, please send isk and account name to transfer to to this toon.

Back on sale, as there has been no response from the above buyer.

4b b/o isk ready.

Apologies, was on-call last 2 days. Sending isk now o/

Isk sent, and account name via email.

Transfer initiated.

Dear xxxxxxx

You have chosen to transfer the character Lazair Albosa to the account named xxxxxxxxx