WTS 6.7 mil SP Focused Loki/Covert Cyno Pilot

positive ISK balance

no kill rights

Clone With standart implants for training

Location is Jita

2 Bonus remaps avalible

Nice charecter Name with Fresh history was used for scouting and covert cynos.

Start bids; 5b

Buyout : 7b

5b bid, rdy when u are :slight_smile:

5.1b offer

5.5b offer

6b new offer

7bill buyout offered

Okay send isk and account info =)

isk sent and info sent in evemail

Got the isk and account info sorry for long waiting time im was on work this is my first time on this forum have a bit trouble with transfering becease this charecter is fresh injected i cant trasfer it need to be 14 days old from born time i was not know that if you want we can wait until 3 days the charecter and you get it. charecter was born 2024.02.10 i can start trasfer in 2024.02.24 do you want you isk back? or we wait the 2024.02.24 and im start trasfer after 3 days if you not wanna wait the 3 days im understand im send isk back and continue sale after 3 days.

Im good to wait. Keep the isk in 3 days start the transfer

Okay im give a info after 3 days with confirming charecter transfer screen.

been 3 days just checking up on this

Transfer charecter startet enjoy it and fly safe o7

char recived ty