WTS 60 mil sp Perfect Dread Toon (Rev/Nag)

Can you please stop bumping before the 24H mark…


He can apperently not ^^

I go it @Marcus_Scipios @GM_Arcade Can you please tell this guy to stop bumping so early. Hes been told so many times…

Please, keep bumping the theme for me.

Better character available here for the same price: WTS PERFECT AVATAR PILOT + AMARR DREAD (67,7Mil SP)

Please don’t pay 70B for a 60m sp character unless you like getting ripped off.

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hes trying to sell this char for 1 and a half month. Even after offering his starting bid noone even remotly matched that yet. This guy is just really disillusional what his char is worth

You are so funny boys :smiley: Keep bumping.



41b offer

45b offered

50 Bil

51b offered

52 Bil

53b offered

B/O reduced to 65.


Ill up my bid to 55b but only if we can do this today.

Check mail. Bump.