Wts 60m sp my homie

It is been a long run! But everything comes to the end and now it is a time to sell my homie!
Check him OUT!

All with ccp rules. npc corp, high sec location, 2 jump clones, no wallet, no kill rights, no assets
If I forget to mention anything feel free to ask

Starting from 40 bil and BO is 50 bil

40 B offer. Let’s go!

lets wait at least 1 day to see if anyone could offer more

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Chiccita is also your toon? I can offer 41.5 B for both, 83 B for quick buyout. Otherwise, feel free to wait.

yes, also mine, I wait till 'morrow if I dont got any better offer I will accept yours. Thanks!


42B offer

48b now i can offer. And if u can wait me a few days i can offer 50b to b/o.I really love the character and i hope u will agree with my request.

48.5B Buyout Offer, Ready to go today.

50b buyout ,I get enough isk ,and ready to go anytime。

isk and account has sent

ISK received. Many thanks. Transfer has just been paid.