WTS: 612 Capital Component BPC [SOLD]


i want to sell some BPC.
All Component BPC have 40 runs and researched to 10/20.

Bulk-Sale only, take all Component BPC.

2m each, 612 BPC - Price is 1.2 bn for all Component-BPC

Location is Jita 4 - IV, main Trade Hub .


36 Capital Armor Plates Blueprint
36 Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint
18 Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint
18 Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint
36 Capital Computer System Blueprint
36 Capital Construction Parts Blueprint
36 Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint
18 Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint
90 Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
18 Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint
36 Capital Jump Drive Blueprint
18 Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint
36 Capital Power Generator Blueprint
36 Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint
36 Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint
36 Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint
36 Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint
18 Capital Siege Array Blueprint
18 Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint

first come - first serve. Please post here and not ingame.

still available.

I’ll take them all for 900mill

ok, contract comes in some seconds

Will acept in a few hours

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