WTS 61M Perfect Skills Pilot Project – Clean History

Perfectly trained character with very clean history – only 2 logs on zkillboard – has been in NPC corp for around 3 years. Trained up to have perfect core skills, has better support skills than chars with twice the SP:

Highlights (for subcaps) as follows:

  • All Shield skills V
  • All Armour Skills V
  • All Targeting skills V including radar compensations
  • All Scanning skills V (perfect Cheeta/Cov Ops)
  • All Electronic Systems/Ewar skills V
  • All Engineering skills V
  • All main Drone skills V including Drone Interfacing V
  • All rigging skills V (yes all to V)
  • Biology and Cybernetic V comes with +5 implant full set + 10% booster duration hardwires skill (around 150m) and additional clone with +2 set
  • All Nav skills V (only HSM IV)
  • All Gunnery and Gunnery Support skill V/IV (just train guns)
  • Zero wasted SP in science/industrial/mining
  • Magic 14 100%
  • A few billion worth of ship skins applied
  • Great name! Clean history - only 2 logs as mentioned and was only in one player corp around 3 years ago briefly, just been quietly training SP in NPC corp since then.

Current remap for perception and willpower with 2 remaps available so ready to train ship and guns optimally for a truly perfect character.

If you ever wanted a perfect support skill character but didn’t want to train that 20 day skill for a 2 percent improvement then this character is for you! A great way to skip the painful skills that many characters even with 100m+ SP never get round to. Considering the clean history this is a great toon for someone to mould into their own.

As per character bazaar rules:

  • In NPC Corp
  • Positive isk in wallet
  • Positive Sec Status
  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • No Kill rights

Bidding start 55B – open to B/O offers.

50b offer

52b offer

Thanks for the bids guys, looking for a bit more and I think this character is worth it - ideal blank slate for for new or returning player to have a maxed support skill character with no waste. Keep the bids coming I’ll set B/O to 61B

How about 54B? he still needs to wait on the space station for more than 6 months。

Can be perfect for any drone boat in a week or two and already perfect Cov Ops/Frigs. Hmm if you could do 57B I would sell now and start transfer tonight.

56B Trading Now :joy: This is all my ISK

I think your getting a bargain but OK deal, send isk and evemail me account name to transfer to.

Thanks,isk and acc info sent

Thanks, transfer initiated. You should see him incoming in your ‘transfer character’ section of your account. Enjoy!