WTS 61m sp caldari / gallente focus

(Mr Freeze DeMallugier) #1


I am for sell starting bid 45b

(Investor Joe) #2


(TxivYawg1) #3

51 bil

(Investor Joe) #4


(Mr Freeze DeMallugier) #5

up still for sale

(Mr Freeze DeMallugier) #6

INVESTOR JOE still interested in?

(Investor Joe) #8

yeah should i send isk/acc name to you now @Mr_Freeze_DeMallugier

(Mr Freeze DeMallugier) #9

yes please do

(Investor Joe) #10

sent isk/acc name @Mr_Freeze_DeMallugier

(Mr Freeze DeMallugier) #11

all done

(Investor Joe) #12

just want to make sure since i didnt get mail, you are using plex via petition i assume?

(Mr Freeze DeMallugier) #13

nop i used cash and transferred to the account in the mail

(Investor Joe) #14

oh yeah got mail now, was slow i guess. wouldnt have been problem either way just wanted to make sure.


(system) #15

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