WTS 61M SP Toon - PVE, JF, Industrialist

Good morning,

This character is an excellent choice for a starting career in EVE Online!
It has almost all support skills trained up as in i.e. Shields, Armor, Engineering, Scanning, Navigation and some Electronic Warfare for PVP. It has the following main professions: PVE (Up to level 4 combat missions) with agents in main Empire districts; Mining.
Is able to pilot a Rhea, can fly a Hulk and is also able to use a Blockade Runner… yay!

Good skill set for PVE, logistics and industrial activities. If you really know what to expect in EVE, PVP is right in your reach.
Currently has a neural remap for Memory/Perception and 2 more available.
I’m willing to sell this character for the right price, it’s your choice now check it out! Current BO price is 75b, Buy in is 60b good luck!

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Character is currently docked in Perimeter


30b here

Well, buyout is 75 so I guess we just have to wait. Thanks for the offer!

31B here

Thank you but I’ll wait for some time.

35B Max

You know it takes a bit more right?! Cheers!

I can only pay you so much. He’s not worth it. I only have 35bil. I’ll wait 24 hours

These offers doesn’t meet my standards. Sorry but I’m not interested in selling this char anymore. Thanks for your understanding. Bye!

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