WTS 62m Aeon Pilot / JF / Rorqual / Blackops 5


Positive Security.
Positive Wallet
Char located at Low sec.

Great all around char. with Amarr Carrier 5 / Blackops 5 /Ore indust 5

Starting bid 40b
Buyout 60b

40 bill to start

41 bil

43 bill

45 bil

46 bill

49 bil

Thanks for the offers. Will wait a little bit longer.

daily bump

daily bump

Daily bump last offer was 49b

50bil now

52 bil

53 bil

Thanks for the offers. Char is still for sale

Daily bump, still for sale.

Buyout updated

Still for sale

Still for sale

Thats so not true. I’ve own this char for like 5-6 years. And bought it through market place.