WTS 65m sp pilot

NPC corp, located in highsec, positive wallet, no kill rights.
b/o 40b

40b b/o

Please confirm B/O; I will send ISK and accountname.

I accept your bid, wait for ISK and your info

Offer 42b.

ISK and info is send

ISK and info received

@Piligrim_Jila: Waiting for transfer confirmation

@Piligrim_Jila Can you please update threat with the current status; Expect an update before DT if possible.

@Piligrim_Jila: Can you please update or i will be forced to create a petition for scamming.
@ISD_Bahamut @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode

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seems to be a bunch around again… already got hit with 2 recently :woman_shrugging:


Scamming is not allowed on the Character Bazaar. Please submit a support ticket if you have not received a response from the seller and the GMs will investigate.

Ticket is already created, Thank you

GM already transfered; @Piligrim_Jila - Take care… kinda

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