WTS 65M SP Rorqual, Subcap PVP, Recon, Hauler Pilot - PENDING SALE

yes i am

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Great - thanks. Let me know when you want to execute.

will be on at the latest 24 hours from now

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Perfect, sounds good

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Hi @Seatre_Nosha - Just checking in - thanks. Feel free to shoot me an in-game mail

@Dayun_Issier i regret to inform you that im gonna have to withdraw my offer as a better suited toon has popped up on my radar. sorry i couldn’t do pull through this time but in the future if your still selling ill be buying

Ok. Confirming for all that this toon is still on the market

I want to know his current valid quote

I offer 60b for this character.

If accepted I have funds right now… no canceling like the prior bid…

Hi, Yes, Seatre canceled. Majin is the current highest bidder at 60B

Thanks Majin. Yes, it was disappointing to have the prior bid canceled. You are the current highest bidder. Are you still in the market?

I… just bought 2 other ones lol… so not anymore… I suggest you sell it when you think you hit a fair price. GL. (bid withdrawn)

Understood -thanks for bidding.

For everyone, confirming that this toon is still for sale.


Bumping - FYI - Buyout lowered to 67B

63 bil BO. Isks are ready

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Thanks @Acenacez_Enat, bid accepted. When would you like to commence transfer?

Sending the money and account details

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