WTS 66 mil SP Leadership/scanning toon/tengu

This was an old-school off-grid links alt, so the skills may seem a bit weird but i’m sure someone can train it up and make use of it.

Also has pretty good missile skills for flying a tengu


Has the following implants & jump clones (3.5 bil according to the skillboard):

-0.6 sec
No kill rights
Jump clones are in Helgatild (as seen in the screenshot)
Main clone (virtue set) will be in Jita

40 Bil Start
60 Bil B/O

35 bil because i need scan pilot =)


46B offer,isk in hand

47B offer

50b offer


52b offer

53B offer

54b offer

Thank you for the offers so far. Bump

If there are no more offers by 8pm tomorrow I will accept

55 bil offer

55 bil offer accepted. Awaiting isk and account info

sent, and account info in transaction

Isk received and character transfer initiated. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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