WTS 67.7M SP Sub Cap pvp/pve


looking to selling myself.

Born 18.02.2009
NPC corporation
Docked Highsec
No kill rights
Empty wallet

I am just sitting collecting dust so hopefully someone can make good use of me…

Offers starting at 55b B/O 64B


55b any lucky?

thanks for starting … want to let the sale run for at lest 24hrs…lets see where we are at then

58b,I will use him well as myself.

thanks for your bid.

As it stands i am still wanting to wait at lest another 18hrs unless someone offers a number i cant say no too.

Then go ahead and sell it

BO Lowered ! GL!!!

60bil buyout,

Ok accepted! Please send isk and accout info.


There is an extra character being deleted and there are still 7 hours left. Can you wait for a moment

send the Isk and then i will be more than happy to wait. however if you want to wait on sending the isk thats fine too but if someone does offer more before i hear back from you then i wont be able to refuse.


In a previous post, there was a buyer who had also sent an ISK, but there were still people who encouraged the seller to breach the contract, and there was a heated argument about it. I’m afraid of encountering that kind of thing, let’s see. During this period, you can choose other quotes, and of course, in the end, I can also choose other sellers. Do you think this is fair.

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yes by all means …hope to hear from you soon.

ISK and account have been sent, please check

Will do and will update when transfer has started


Transfer started ! should be with you in 10 hrs.

thank you and fly safe! o7

Character received
thank you and fly safe! o7
Request to close