WTS 67 M SP Toon 2006

Positive sec status
located in npc station in hs
no killrights
in NPC station

Starting bid: 40b

I bid 45B

I like your offer, is it still relevant?

43 bil right now BO if you want

do you accept my offer-----45B?

If you accept this offer, I am ready to transfer ISK to your role. And send you an email in EVE my receiving bill.

good. I accept your offer

Received, wait for me for a while

Isk send to the transfer char. Details for account sent ingame via mail.

When can you start transferring game characters.

Wake up, brother!

How long will it take for me to get character, I’ve been waiting 48 hours for my new account.

@Kelin_Amnel If he doesn’t transfer the character to you, contact support.

@ISD_Drew , @ISD_Hazard @ISD_Forgefire Can I get my ISK back? Please give me a hand, thanks!

This Thread is Closed for further investigations, i have send a Pm to the Buyer.