WTS 69m sp Almost Perfect Vanq / Bus / Rag pilot

I am for sale with the following highlights

:arrow_right: Minnie & Gal Titan 5
:arrow_right: Max DD Skills
:arrow_right: Max Jump Skills
:arrow_right: Max Armor Skills
:arrow_right: Maxed gunnery (except specs) for both races
:arrow_right: Hg Slave & HG Ascendency Clones
:arrow_right: Ironic name

Full Skills Here (pw 987)

Will entertain offers over 75b

I have a positive wallet balance
I am docked in Basgerin w/ Ascendancy clone (can be moved to high sec if required)
I have no kill rights

75B ready

Thanks for the offer, looking for a bit more

Still for Sale

Still for sale

77b offer

78B offer

79 bill

80b offer

81b offer

82b offer

83b isk

84b offer

Thanks for your bids, whoever has the highest bid by 21:00 Eve Time Friday will get the char, highest bid is currently 84b by @kimlancer_Makanen :slight_smile:

85b offer

85.5b offer

86 bill

8 7 b

88 Bill