WTS 7.4m SP Hulk/ Minmatar BattleCruiser pilot


Positive wallet
No kill rights
Sitting in a 0.0 clone +3 set with yeti 3% ice miner
Remap available
Positive standing

Starting at 6.5b
B/O 9b

Auction will end in a couple days, Reserve the right to BO to offer.

4.8b offered

4.9 offer

5b offered

5.5 bil isk in hand

Bump in the rump!

7b offer for 24hours

Will sell to Theo Davo if no other offers in a couple hours!


Auction closed Theo Davo is the winner.

Awaiting isk transfer and email with account name.

Account name and isk sent

Character Name: Roid Seducer

Will be completed after: 4/9/2018 9:32:51 AM


Received, thank you!

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