WTS 7.5m SP Full T2 Exhumer / Expedition frigate pilot and cyno alt



In highsec, in NPC corp, no killrights, positive security status, positive wallet, located in Minmatar starter space

This is an almost perfect character to fly exhumers and expedition frigates. She can fly a full T2 fitted exhumer with 80% of the t2 mining crystals, and she can also fly expedition frigates with T2 harvesters and covert ops cloaks.

She can also function as a cyno alt for Jump Freighters in a venture with two days of training.

Also, she has Cybernetics and Infomorph Psychology to 4, so she can use +4 implants and have many jump clones

Feel free to place bids and I’ll let you know if it’s acceptable! I can also accept eve mails as I will check this account regularly still

Buyout 7.5bn

bump: edit to clarify description!

Offer : 5 b

Thanks for the offer, looking for a bit more than that!

Perhaps post a price?

Buyout of 7.5bn, still accepting bids otherwise

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ill pay that if its still available

2B bid

7.5 b/ou


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isk and account name sent please confirm here when character transfer is initiated thanks!

confirmed, isk recieved, character transfer has been initiated!

thank you for the smooth deal process

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